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Nutritional Supplements

At Health Spark eshop, we believe that everyone should have access to products that can help them reach their health and fitness goals. That’s why we offer premium supplements that are designed to help you burn fat, build strength, and maximize your performance. 

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Some of the best fat burners to lose weight for both men and women made with natural ingredients:

Phen Gold Burns fat and stops new fat production, suppresses hunger, improves mood Ingredients backed by extensive studies.

Prime Shred A male focused fat burner, which has been specifically formulated to help men drop the body fat percentage and see lean muscle growth.

Trimtone Designed for women – With ingredients specifically chosen to maximize female fat loss.

Fat Burning/Weight loss

Astonishing natural supplements designed to grow muscles, cut weight, and recover to get through your difficult gym workouts:

Blackwolf Great tasting, powerful pre-workout formulas – designed to enhance performance during workouts and sports training.

Brutal Force Hardcore bodybuilding supplements for bulking, cutting and strength.

Testogen Natural testosterone booster – made from a premium blend of natural ingredients that safely stimulate the production of more testosterone.

Testonine Designed to help increases lean muscle mass, boosts strength & stamina, improve sex drive, natural, powerful & proven ingredients.

Building Muscle


Medicramp a cramp relief supplement to help prevent muscle cramping. Magnesium supplements help give the body what it needs to provide natural muscle contractions and stop cramping.

Gynetrex a complete system to help men get rid of man boobs quickly, naturally and permanently. A 3 step system combining exercises, diet and powerful supplement to reduce enlarged male breasts.

Viasil uses 100% natural ingredients for a safe and clinically tested erectile dysfunction formula.

Better Living

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